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FUA Visual Studios specializes in visual arts and artistic growth, emphasizing both arts education and contemporary street art.


FUA Apparel is not merch, it's not just fashion either. FUA Apparel is artwear. We are not here to make clothes, we are here to make history.

FUA Productions Logo

FUA Productions specializes in production services. From videography to event planning and coordination. We guarantee a successful event by not only meeting your expectations but surpassing them.


Anthony Russell, Founder Of Fear Of The Unknown Arts

Established in 2020 by Anthony Russell, Fear Of The Unknown Arts (FUA) aimed to bring joy through the arts. Evolving beyond its original purpose, FUA now focuses holistically on the arts—from visual arts to performance, and fashion. Determined to represent the arts, FUA's mission is to change the current condition through creation. Guided by community values, care, authenticity, and accessibility.

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