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Artist CV

Anthony T Russell

Visual Artist 


2023    Visual College of Art and Design - Graphic Design
2020    Bishop O’Byrne Highschool - International Baccalaureate
Solo Exhibitions
2023    The New Gold, Arts Commons Ledge Gallery, Calgary AB
2023    Kick Off to Summer, NVRLND Arts Foundation, Calgary AB
2023    Dear Everyone: Extended, Jubilee Auditorium, Calgary, AB
2022    Kick Off To Summer, NVRLND Arts Foundation, Calgary AB
2022    Dear Everyone, ATB Branch for Arts and Culture, Calgary AB
2022    Dear Everyone, Arts Commons Window Gallery, Calgary, AB
2021    Black History, Studio203 Bishop O’Byrne, Calgary, AB


Group Exhibitions
2022    Nappy, The Grand, Calgary, AB
2020    Fear of the Unknown, Arts Commons Plus 15 Galleries, Calgary, AB


2023    Animal Stencil Making, Farmers and Makers Market, Calgary, AB
2023    Arts ReImagined, Arts Commons Education, Calgary AB
2023    Street Art and Black History, St. Bonaventure, Calgary, AB
2023    Black History and the Importance of Street Art, All Saints, Calgary, Ab
2023    Who’s Story Is It, Jubilee Auditorium Education, Calgary, AB
2022    How do the Arts Reflect the Values In Our Society, Arts Commons Education, Calgary AB
2022    Spirit Of Nature, Arts Commons Education, Calgary, AB
2022    Street Art and Black History, Light of Christ, Calgary, AB
2020    Acrylic Portrait Painting, VBS Summer Camp, Calgary, AB


2022    Arts Media and, Entertainment, Calgary Black Chambers, Calgary, AB


Press and Publications
2023    A discovery of self through art and adversity, Arts Commons Guest Writer Blog, Calgary AB
2023    “A Day in the Life” with Calgary dynamic artist Anthony Russell, Calgary Guardian, Calgary AB
2022    Unhappy with virtual campus life, some students hit pause on school to find new momentum, CBC News, Calgary, AB
2020    Calgary grad speaks out against racism through powerful art collection, CBC News, Calgary, AB


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